Filling Machine

Filomak Machinery

FiloMak is a famous Turkish manufacturer of quality liquid filling solutions like semi-automatic filling machines, automatic filling machines, manual filling machines, automatic capping machines, manual capping machines, semi-automatic capping machines, automatic labelling machines, semi-automatic labelling machines, sleeve tunnels, various bottle management units, turntables, etc....Not only do we produce liquid filling equipment, but also supply all the auxiliary units required for a fill line such as cap sorters, cap elevators, in-cap aluminium foil sealers, date coders, shrink packaging machines, boxing machines.

Along with all the filling equipment, we also produce bottle moulds, cap moulds and injection moulds.

Our approach to the needs of our customers is very positive to produce custom made machines to fulfill their imaginations.

We are mainly recognized as the best company in the region for producing corrosive resistent machines like acid cleaners filling, capping and labeling machines.