Filling Machine

Automatic Acid Cleaners Fillers


Chemicals and Cosmetics: Corrosive liquid cleaners like bleach, javel, rust remover, acid, HCL, toilet cleaner, etc...


Construction: Stainless with electrostatic coating for corrosion resistence

Part in contact with the part: PVC, 316-ti, titanium

Number of heads : 6 - 12

Filling System: Tiime Gravity overflow with vacuum

PLC and PLC touch screen

Hopper: PVC, standard

Fill volume adjustable on touch screen

Hopper with float mechanism and actuating valf to coummunicate with an intermediate transfer pump or the storage tank to stop/start product flow when it is full/low.

Conveyor Belt: As standard with a specific length and width according to container sizes and number nozzles the machine has.

Neck entry fill with full sealing by silicon gaskets to provide perfect vacuum

No bottle no filling provided by sensors.

Nozzles can be adjusted vertically and horizontally for various sized containers.

Cabinet:As standard

We can customize all our machines according to your requirements.

For viscous acid detergents or any corrosive products even pastes, we build our pistons fillers of PVC for corrosion-resistence.