Filling Machine

Automatic Gravity Fillers


Food & Beverage: Vinegar, juice, fruit juice, lemon juice, etc...
Dairy & yougurt: Ayran, milk, etc...

Chemicals & Cosmetics: Liquid detergent, foaming liquid detergent, glass cleaner, mouth wash, gargle, all-purpose cleaner, surface cleaner, etc...

Petroleum: Antifreeze, windshield cleaner, etc...

Construction: Stainless Steel

PLC and PLC touch screen

Fill volume can be adjusted on touch screen

Hopper with float mechanism and actuating valf to coummunicate with an intermediate transfer pump or the storage tank to stop/start product flow when it is full/low.

Conveyor Belt: Standard with a specific length and width according to container sizes and number nozzles the machine has.

Neck entry fill with full sealing by silicon gaskets to provide perfect vacuum

No bottle no filling provided by photocell sensors.

Number of nozzles: 6-12

Nozzles can be adjusted vertically and horizontally for various sized containers.

CIP: Optional

Cabinet: Standard or without

6 2.000 lt. / hour
8 2.700 lt. / hour
10 3.500 lt. / hour

This model of automatic filler is an economical solution to water-fluid ( or a bit more) liquids.

We can customize all our machines according to your requirements.