Filling Machine

Automatic Linear Cappers


Plastic screw caps, trigger caps, pump caps, press on caps...

Construction:  Stainless Steel

Suitable for flat, round, glass and plastic containers/bottles...

Side belts for bottle gapping and holding

PLC program

PLC touch screen (optional)

Pneumatic capping motor with adjustable torque

Chucks manufactured according to cap design

Conveyor Belt : As standard

Cabinet (Optional)

Cap sorting unit: Optional

Cap elevating unit: Optional

Necessities: 3-Phase 380v Electricity, 300 lt./min compressed air

Note: We can produce the electrical values according to your country's standards

We can customize all our machines according to your requirements.

The biggest advantage of this inline capper is that you do not have to deal with changing parts like starheels and back guides.

In order to run the machine for a different sized bottle and cap, You only adjust the heights and depth which are adjusted easily by hand wheels and change the chuck head which takes less than a minute.