Filling Machine

Semi-automatic Acid Filler with Diving Nozzles


Chemicals & Cosmetics: Corrosive or non-corrosive, foaming or non-foaming  liquid and semi-liquid products like liquid acid detergentts such as toilet cleaner, etc...

Petroleum: Antifreeze, Winshield cleaner, etc...

Construction: Stainless steel and PVC

Contact parts: PVC, 316-ti

Number of nozzles: 2 with buttom up fill (diving nozzles)

Primes the product directly from the storage tank

Easy filling volume adjustment with digital readout

Suited to especially jerrycans, gallons...

Smart design for all sectors.

Simple to use by any staff

No need for electricity, only compressor

Filling Accuracy ± 1%

Filling range can be easily adjusted by means of hand wheel with digital readout

Container tray with adjustable height.

Easy clean-up.

We can customize all our machines according to your requirements.

This model is essentially built for jerry cans, even though it is suitane for convenient bottles also with 1 liter or closer capacities.