Filling Machine

Semi-automatic Single Head Weight Filler


Food & Beverage: Edible oil, corn syrup, glucose, olive oil, ketchup, mayonnaise, etc...

Chemicals & Cosmetics: Liquid detergent, liquid hand soap, dish washing liquid, liquid fertilizer, acid detergent, liquid bleach, javel, etc..

Paint: Paint, decorative paint, car finish paint, etc...

Construction: Stainless steel or PVC for corrosive liquids according to industry and product.

Number of Nozzles: 1

Suitable Containers to Fill: 5 kg. up to 60 kg. , buckets, jerrycans, tin cans, drums...

Top Fill or Buttom Fill (Diving Nozzles)

Exit roller belt for  carrying the jerrycans in ease not to wear out the worker

Hopper with float mechanism and actuating valf to coummunicate with an intermediate transfer pump or the storage tank to stop product flow when it is full

The Nozzle can be vertically adjusted for various sized containers

Easy clean-up and maintenance

Necessies: 3-phase 380 V Electricity and 6 bars 120 lt/min compressed air

Note: We may specialize electrical values for your country standards.

We can customize all our machines according to your requirements.

This model in the photo is made of PVC.Our inox models are produced with same apperance or various designs for different applications.